Salon Saturdays

Boulevard House-Hubbard Farms began a thematic salon that included an aligned gallery opening with reception, open mic for spoken word and music segments, facilitated discussions break-out sessions, and, when the weather allowed, outdoor performances.  All were welcome to attend.  Call to artists were issued and artists interested in showing work are given weighted consideration based on 1) residency in  Southwest Detroit, 2) residency in Detroit,  or 3) a substantial body of work which is specific to Detroit issues.

Artists who would like to show in the gallery space submitted a proposal which included the following:

  1. An artist biography.
  2. A concise description of the proposed exhibit, specifically addressing how the pieces use the theme, the mediums used, and what infrastructure support is needed.  Film, sculpture, paintings, photographs and other mediums which may be displayed inside are welcome.
  3. A link to an electronic portfolio.  It is preferred that at least 3 pieces proposed for the actual exhibit be included in the portfolio; however, if the artist is proposing work in progress or responsive work, then the e-portfolio should include a diverse range of work to demonstrate professional execution and capacity.
  4. Proof of residency.

While the Condon House is undergoing creation, the salons may be featured in host venues.  Please check the calendar to see what’s current.


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