The Boulevard House benefited from participation with a number of partners from the community and University of Michigan in Phase I, Hubbard Farms.  In its new phase in Chadsey-Condon, we rely on the following support.

Core Program Leadership (2015-Present)

Marlena Hanlon, Project Manager, blends decades of professional expertise in private and public sectors into high performing social projects. For example, as Deputy Vice President with PMI’s San Francisco-Bay Area Chapter, she developed a comprehensive green chapter and sustainability program: a strategic assemblage and application drawn from components which Hanlon had developed over the years, it comprised an innovative program within the project management community.

A non-traditional project manager, she began as a corporate anthropologist, analyzing the alignment of corporate culture with organizational strategy. In a natural evolution, she began implementing the system solutions and process changes which she recommended and developed. This analyst-through-design-to-implementation background resulted in an unusual breadth of functional management expertise. To this end, Hanlon holds professional certification in project management, human resources, fraud examination, sustainability, education, real estate, mortgage lending, and several human services modalities. She has led project teams across industries, from construction to IT implementations.

Hanlon became active in the sustainability community over a decade ago and has participated on a long list of community development boards, leading projects in the areas of water harvesting, permaculture, greenway design and sustainable infrastructure. She additionally was a construction project manager for multiple green renovation projects, including SFR, commercial and multi-family properties. Certified in Permaculture Design, Hanlon is most interested in creating alliances among “green” NPOs, public entities and professional organizations such as PMI to cross-pollinate skills, project opportunities and applied solutions to local development of the commons.

She holds magna cum laude Bachelor degrees in Anthropology (French) and Religion (History), and a post-bac LLM (Law) equivalent. Hanlon is currently completing a dual master’s degree in Social Work and Urban Planning, with an emphasis on global urbanization and social equity issues.


Advisory Board (2015-Present)

The Condon Crow House is actively soliciting advisory board members.  If you are interested, please contact us.