There are several ways you can support Crow House in its mission and operation.

1) Direct financial donations. Crow House is a 501c3 non-profit – or, as we like to think, social-profit – organization. Monthly or one-time contributions via PayPal or Venmo, check or money order can be accepted and likely tax-deducted. Want to do old-school cash? We’ll bring the paper bag or duffel to you.

You can also find us through TechSoup (8134-EINC-NWV7) and GuideStar, Go Fund Me Charity and PayPal Giving Fund.

2) Indirect financial donations. We participate in a number of programs which aggregate micro donations. One is the use of Amazon’s Smile program. This adds no cost to purchases and services you would make through Amazon normally. It only requires accessing the Smile portal before ordering. Use the link below to ensure the percentage of your purchase is directed to us.

3) Volunteer with us. From entering budget numbers to digging holes for trees, we need all hands on deck.  Many hands make light work, and we love a work party as an excuse to compost a pizza. If you’ve got skills, I won’t say we love you more…. but you will get the specialty pizza of your choice. We heart tradesmen.

Need some community service hours?  We need your community service, so bring your bad self over and we’ll find some tasks you’re just right for.

4) Indirect or In-kind donations.  From building materials to services, real estate to transform, recycled hemp paper or….maybe some chickens? Home Depot and Harbor Freight have already lent us a hand, and we’ll give you a low-key call-out, too!