Site Projects

Springwells Residence (cabot crow house).

(In progress, mature status) Mostly completed in 2017, this single family residence provides affordable housing for community activist-scholars who are in alignment with our mission. During the rehab, community service learning opportunities were available to demonstrate “green rehab” techniques, such as blown cellulose insulation, replacing windows and external doors with energy efficient upgrades, and an approach which focuses on preservation, deconstruction and salvage re-use as primary methods. This is an ongoing project as the house becomes more integrated with the adjacent community garden, leveraging gutters and grey water to support irrigation and microecology.

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Springwells Garden (spring field).

(In progress, nascent) Adjacent to our residence house and 1/2 block from Patton Park and 3 blocks from Patton Recreation Center, this garden has been started as a fruit oasis. We’ve planted pear, peach and cherry, as well as mixed berries. In the right of way, we’ve rooted apple trees. Much work has to be done, and the vision involves vermiculture, an apiary and an herb section. Using permaculture principles, the topography will morph to demonstrate use of swales and berms, as well as integrating run-off from surrounding structures as a comprehensive water management strategy. An education and programming site, as well as a microlocal asset for community members.

Hubbard Farms Residence (hubbard homestead).

(In progress, intermediate)  This triplex in Hubbard Farms is the next step in our work, with a deeper emphasis on installing green systems and engaging service learners to educate and train. This historic structure will feature two flats and a loft space, with both front and back gardens focusing on food production and pollinator support. When complete, one unit will be allocated for an artist, one for visiting scholars and researchers who need extended short-term housing, and one for local residents.

Chadsey-Condon Garden (condon fields)…and House?

(Suspended development) This site was the original planned permaculture site with adjacent community house. The two parcels were slated for garden development, to engage local youth in growing vegetable and herb centric crops within a permaculture methodology. Because of Condon’s abundant green space, it had the most potential for a spillover effect within the community, organizing around multiple sites managed by residents. The constraints and requirements in developing the house were revealed over time and thought to be prohibitive, so Crow House moved its focus to the Springwells site. However, circumstances continued to change, opening up new potentials with the structure. At this time, the three parcels have been conveyed through a land contract to a low-income buyer who may renovate and make this a primary residence. If the contract is completed, then Crow House will be pleased to have facilitated this homeownership. If circumstances change, then we will re-assess goals and viable options at that time.

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