Crow House is a non-profit (NPO) 501(c)(3) organization, with a mission of building sustainable communities. This mission is approached through modeling and teaching sustainable methods in home revitalization, permaculture green lots, and participatory community planning.  Founded in the urban settlement house and transformative traditions, we are citizens of Detroit and our work is embodied in nodes across Southwest. Crow House results provide a community space for a range of programming, affordable housing, and fellowship residences for urban activists, scholars and artists.

The project was initially funded through Dow Sustainability seed grants, in conjunction with the Graham Sustainability Institute, and continues to add funding partners.  Crow House arises from the former University of Michigan Boulevard House and continues to host activities of the UM voluntary student organization of the same name.  For a more complete history of the Boulevard House, please continue here.  While Crow House includes art as an essential component, the primary emphasis has shifted to food sovereignty, public health, and green retrofits as social justice mechanisms.